Bead Fest Philadelphia

August 17, 2009

Bead Fest Philadelphia 2008 in Meredith's classroom. Such fun!

Bead Fest Philadelphia 2008 in Meredith's classroom. Such fun!

It’s time for Bead Fest Philadelphia again.

Remembering last year when Daryne Rockett and Hatch, her rubber chicken took my class.  What a hoot!

Saturday night was a special blast in my classroom though.  Daryne brought her harp into my classroom, played and sang some lovely songs for us.  It was an incredibly special experience.  What a great pinnacle to that trip despite my etching supplies never showing up because they didn’t get shipped…what a stressful deal that was last year.  Felicia Croom and others were wonderfully helpful in that ill fated class despite the challenge of not having what I had ordered.

I’m hoping that this year will be somewhat less adventurous then last year and then again, if Daryne popped in to play the harp, that would be one adventure I would welcome with open arms!

Meredith and Hatch, Bead Fest 2008.

Meredith and Hatch, Bead Fest 2008.

Of course, a visit from Hatch would be very welcome, too!  Isn’t he cute?

Perhaps Hatch should meet Sharkey Shark?  Now wouldn’t that be an adventure?  Hmmm, I think Sharkey should go on a field trip – heck, I’ll have two beds in my hotel room.  He can sleep in one.


4 Responses to “Bead Fest Philadelphia”

  1. I am so happy to hear that Sharky Shark will be going on an adventure!

  2. Jenn said

    Harp music sounds *way* better than the entertainment in your 2007 Bead Fest Philly class.


  3. meredith11 said

    Lisa Lloyd was in that class in 2007 and she has been in a class every time I teach in Philadelphia ever since! So that ‘entertainment’ wasn’t so bad… She does make sure to tell the story of the fire in my classroom though.
    Last week, our show boss, Karen Keegan, came into my classroom with an editor from the Quilting Arts side to introduce around and said: I’ve brought the Fire Police with me! =)

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