Lessons from Sharkey Shark

August 8, 2009

Sharkey has never represented himself as other then what and who he is: a hungry, fearsome, mini-menace of a shark (or would that be termed ‘sub-shark?).

Sharkey is also very up front about what he wants: to eat and bite.

Sharkey practices so that what he does is good: menacing and striking fear in the hearts of potential prey.

Sharkey is also curious and does play a little every day.  I think that’s why I find him in the oddest poses sometimes.

So putting this all together, I think Sharkey’s lesson book would say:

1. Do what you’re meant to do, be what you are.

2. Be honest

3.  Practice makes perfect.

4. Play every day and be curious.
You never know when something might be food.


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