How to Change Your Life

August 6, 2009

Foil polymer beads I have made.

Polymer clay and foil beads I have made.

The title of this blog entry got your attention didn’t it?  I’ve been seeing this sentence come at me from all sorts of places lately coupled with one of the following (pick one): HOW TO CHANGE YOUR LIFE… in one easy lesson/ for free/in one day/in 8 steps/in 30 days/you name it, it’s out there.

This says to me that a lot of people are looking for something different.  I wonder what it is?  What are you looking for to change your life?

(Sharkey says: FEED ME!).   No, really.  Is there something you’ve always thought would be THE thing, that ultimate whatever, that would make your life PERFECT?  What if you REALLY had that thing, got that whatever?  Would your life really be different, be perfect? Or would you just want for something else in a long line of something elses?

Okay, you’ve asnwered the questions for yourself here.  Be honest with it.  Aren’t you the only thing that can make your life perfect?  WOT?

(Sharkey says: No! FOOD! MUST!).   Okay, in Sharkey’s case, food does make his life perfect because he is just an eating machine.  His teeth prove it.  But honestly, when it comes right down to it:  if you didn’t *want* that ultimate thing, that whatever thing that you’ve convinced yourself would make your life perfect, that thing you think you must have – wouldn’t your life be perfect?

When I teach my creativity class I always ask everyone what it is that they must have to create.  I make a list of the things they tell me:  good light, a soda, complete quiet, music, coffee, their hands, the phone turned off and so on.  The students always really get into this part of the class partly because it’s after a progression of exercises that we do to increase lateral thinking skills so people tend to get creative with this list.  After a long list is compiled on the board, I always ask how come no one mentioned that what they *MUST* have in order to create is themselves.  Bada bing, bada boom.

It was after all, a simple question.


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