Sharkey’s New Discoveries

August 5, 2009

So I happened to catch the opening of an episode of the show ‘House’, a rerun from this last season apparently.  It shows Dr. House making an aerial track something like the old game MouseTrap.  He has a a little car that is supposed to run down the track and go through some jumps and other things to land on a SHARK in a bed pan.  It is Shark Week after all!

So apropos of absolutely nothing,  Sharkey talks.  It’s a bit slurry sounding, must be all the teeth.  I told him he’s a dentist’s dream.  He told me that I am bite worthy, the little rascal.  I think that might have been shark-talk for ‘Bite Me’.

Anyway, Sharkey would love a gift and one of the things that I found for him is at Shakespeare’s Den (   Shakespeare’s Den is actually close to where I live and I  have not been able to get in there when they’re open but their website is cool.  I think Sharkey would be really thrilled to take a swim in the tub with his privacy protected by this curtain:

The ultra menacing Shark Shower Curtain!  Get yours for Shark Week!

The ultra menacing Shark Shower Curtain! Get yours for Shark Week!

Doesn’t the shark look JUST like Sharkey Shark?  Don’t you think he would be thrilled with it?  (Sharkey shez he wantsh the Action Figure Waitressh doll inshtead).

The new Action Figure Waitress.

The new Action Figure Waitress.

I have asked Sharkey how he can talk with all those teeth.  It must be torture to his tongue (which now begs the question: do sharks have tongues?).   And about that Action Figure Waitress doll, Sharkey:   *I* think you would like to have the Avenging Narwhal Play Set, don’t you??  It says that the Narwhals are tired of being good (as are the Unicorns!) and so are avenging themselves on cuteness.

OH! I won’t even tell you what Sharkey said about this… Perhaps I’ll get the Bacon Salt from Shakespeare’s Den and feed it to him on the pretense of finding out whether it is bacon that tastes like salt (nothing new there but Sharkey won’t know that) or if it’s salt that tastes like bacon.  This could be the new and improved version of washing out a mouth with soap but just for Sharkey.

I wonder if his tongue has a bunch of holes in it so he can close his mouth without hurting himself?

A WHOLE set of 'Horrified B-Movie Victims'!  I WANT ONE! (Sharkey wantsh them all, smack smack)

A WHOLE set of 'Horrified B-Movie Victims'! I WANT ONE! (Sharkey wantsh them all, smack smack)

I think Sharkey could practice his menacing moves with the set of horrified B-movie victims!  Can’t you just see it? We can set a different menacing scene every day.  Practice makes perfect, Sharkey!

Ooooooh then maybe I could get the ‘Angry Mob Play Set’ for later, too!


One Response to “Sharkey’s New Discoveries”

  1. LOL!! all your posts Mer. I miss you, laughing until late in the night or early in the morning…whatever.
    Craig Ferguson is my hero too and he is soooooo… scottish and… cute.
    This store looks right up your alley Mer.
    I would love to go there. Right now I will have to settle for the web site, thanks for the link!!
    It is not ofter you are hotter than here, I do not envy you one bit for this..
    Have a GREAT rest of the week and try to stay cool!!
    Love and hugs.

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