It’s Hot in Seattle and it’s Still Shark Week

August 4, 2009

You know the saying:

Red sky in morning, sailor take warning;  Red sky at night, sailor’s delight?

(Sharkey says that all sailors are a delight and smacks his lips…this begs the question: do sharks have lips?)

We’ve had a lot of red skies at night so we’ve gone to the beach to watch the sunset:

Edmonds Ferry at Sunset in July.

Edmonds Ferry at Sunset in July.

Remember my last post I said it’s been hot in Seattle?  The official record last week was 103 degrees but there were places that went as hot as 113.  That’s pretty ugly around here since we don’t usually need air conditioning so most people don’t have it.  Can you imagine? That hot and no air conditioning?  Well, it’s true across the board here and you can see that people are tired because they can’t sleep in the heat.  It’s like a collective experience similar to when it snows and you’re all at the grocery store trying to stock up and talking to people you don’t even know about the weather event going on.  Everyone is just trying to wade through the experience as best they can together.

The day that I took this picture, the sun looked just like a hot, fiery, ball without the corona halo around it as it was sinking in the sky.  I half expected it to set the mountains on fire when it began to slip behind them.

Good thing it didn’t!   Then I really couldn’t sleep!

(Sharkey says that sharks never sleep.  This worries me)


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