It’s Shark Week!

August 3, 2009

Yup, it’s Shark Week on the Discovery Channel and apparently Craig Ferguson, comedian extraordinaire and one of my heros, has a shark puppet that he has been using on his Late Night Show in honor of it.  Does he know about Sharkey Shark?  He should!

Speaking of which: what has Sharkey been up to?  Well, I can tell you that Sharkey has invented a new thing to amuse himself with.  It’s called ‘Kitchen Swimming’.  Ever heard of it?  Me neither.  But that’s what he has been doing.  Maybe he knows about Shark Week and is doing this in honor of it?  I don’t know what to tell you about that but it’s what he’s doing, for real… see the accompanying picture for details on this real strange event.

Sharkey invents 'Kitchen Swimming'!  See my Mehndi cup?

Sharkey invents 'Kitchen Swimming'! See my Mehndi cup?

OH Sharkey, you’re so strange!  Where will I find you next?  I think he is just touring the kitchen with his new invention of Kitchen Swimming.

On another topic, notice my Mehndi cup?  Yes, it’s true! My husband works for a coffee company (hey, we live in the SEATTLE area aka: Coffee World) but I drink tea.

I suppose I could have taken a close up picture of it for you.  We’ll just have to wing it with a cropped close up from this picture… it was this morning and I wasn’t all here yet.   It’s been hot in Seattle and we’re a bit fogged up, I think.   Something coffee and tea can’t help, really, but cool air would! We’re not used to being hotter then Tucson or Miami.

My Mehndi cup.

My Mehndi cup.


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