How Art Can Save Your Life

August 1, 2009

Life is like a painting… you need color, contrast, design and a variety of elements to make it work.   Light colors advance while dark colors recede and a good balance is dependent on combinations of all these elements with texture, pattern and shapes.

Papercloth collage by Meredith Arnold

Papercloth collage by Meredith Arnold

Sometimes we get so wrapped up in ourselves that we lose sight of balance or the bigger picture.  We freak out when we have to wait for medical tests or something isn’t going the way we want it to.  We must know that freaking out doesn’t change anything, not the end result and not reality.  It isn’t even a good thing to do while you’re waiting for things to get better so why do that to yourself?  If it doesn’t add value to your life, don’t do it.  You can choose a different way.

If we feel that things are piling up on us it’s usually because we’re trying to look at everything at once so that it *is* piling up on us.  What if we focus on one thing at a time?  Then things don’t feel like they’re piling up on us.  Besides we can’t do everything at once, we can’t live our lives all at once either, right?

I think it’s good to learn and understand your limits.  When you do and can learn to live within those limits, you can breathe, enjoy the minutes of your life, have a good time with it, laugh more.  You deserve to have a life that you enjoy.  Tell yourself that every day and you will.    Just know that you can’t live it all at once so don’t even try.  Choose to have the painting that makes you happy and hang it on the walls of your mind.   You can if you want to.


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