Sharkey Has a Plan!

July 24, 2009

Sharkey is still out of the bathroom and hanging around.  He’s been like this for a week.  At first I couldn’t understand what he was doing.  I thought he wanted into the refridgerator because he wants to eat everything.  That may have been part of it originally but now I’m catching on that it’s really something else.

Sharkey trying to send a message.

Sharkey trying to send a message.

After looking at all the signs, I think Sharkey is trying to tell me that he wants to fly!  See him posing next to the raven picture?  See how he has something in his mouth like the bird does?  It’s taken me a whole week to figure this out because I am not well versed in Sharkey sign language.  I figured the only sign Sharkey knew was menacing with his toothy gape.

I’ll let you know when he gets bored trying to be a bird… until then:

Fly Sharkey, Fly!


One Response to “Sharkey Has a Plan!”

  1. You go Sharkey! Love the Raven by the way!

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