iPod, Summer and the View

July 22, 2009

Clouds above my house at the beginning of sunset.

Clouds above my house at the beginning of sunset.

I live close enough to the water to see some pretty wonderous effects of sunset.   I know it’s summer when the sky lures me to the beach at the end of the day to watch the spectacular show of the sun slipping into the water.   I see the view and I always think ‘what a wonderful, wonderful, world’.

Okay, that said, this may be a leap for some but I just have to say it.  There is technology that makes me think the same thing.  The brilliance that went into the iPod Touch/iPhone burns so brightly to me that it makes me think of the same brilliance I witness watching a sunset.   I am in awe of this brilliance on either score.

For example, there is a program for the iTouch called Stanza which is an eReader. In other words, you can read ebooks or .pdf files with it, among other things. There is a free version and then a stepped up version that you pay for. I just got the free version and found some ebooks in the public domain that I would like to read. The books? They’re old Victorian Gothic novels, mysteries, written by Joseph Sheridan LeFanu, a favorite of mine since Jr. High school.

Anyway, it’s really cool. A feature of the program actually gives you the visual of turning pages. While I miss the smell of the paper this is so easy to read and convenient. I don’t have the weight of a book to haul around and I can even have newspapers on my iPod, too. The most important thing: it’s easy to read and it’s in color (unlike Kindle). This will really simplify traveling for me. I can even take movies with me now.
The best feature I’ve found for my purposes so far is that I can maintain my calendar AND ArtWorks’ calendar at the same time on my iPod. With both calendars, WiFi capability for email and the internet, books, newspapers, and videos in my pocket I won’t need to travel with my laptop either. Less wear and tear on me and my laptop both.

Hotel Scottsdale pool, 2008.  Talk about paradise!

Hotel Scottsdale pool, 2008. Talk about paradise!


One Response to “iPod, Summer and the View”

  1. Syd said

    Ahhhh the universe and it’s wonders and technology all at the same time….what a beautiful thing. Great analogy …and now I need to check out Stanza for my iPhone! Thanks Mer!

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