Sharky Shark is Moving Around

July 19, 2009

I’ve read that a shark’s sense of smell is very keen.  I now have true proof: Sharky Shark has been trying to bite his way into our refridgerator for a few days now.  I wonder what makes him think he can get into the fridge considering the scale of it compared to his puniness?   Sharky Shark must be compensating for being so small a shark.  His poor ego makes him menace 24 hours a day, biting everything in his path, threatening anything and anyone he can as much as possible.   Really, Sharky, could you tone it down for a bit?

Sharky tries to get into the refridgerator.

Sharky tries to get into the refridgerator.

Sharky must think that it’s the refridgerator magnets that keep the door closed because he keeps biting them, too.  If the refridgerator were all that were keeping our fridge together we would have a miniature shark inside the fridge by now.   I can only imagine what he would do to the food in there.

Do you think he’s figured out that’s where I’ve started keeping my bathing suit or is he just perpetually hungry??


2 Responses to “Sharky Shark is Moving Around”

  1. LOL!!! He is a menace, must be his size I have seen that in other males too.

    Cutest pictures of K by the way!!!
    Love you

  2. meredith11 said

    Isn’t that the truth?
    Oh that pic of K: K was about 17 in that picture. She was very cranky that day so the look on her face is not a happy one. We were at the Seattle Science Center and she didn’t really want to bothered. She just wasn’t feeling well that day.
    I just wanted her to experience a photo booth… They were so fun when I was a teenager!

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