I’ve Been Mehndi’d

July 8, 2009

My first Mehndi tattoo.

My first Mehndi tattoo.

I worked at the Patron’s Preview Party before the Edmonds Arts Festival this year.  The motif of the party was a Night in India and they had a gal doing Mehndi there.  Towards the end of the party I saw women walking by me with glittery hands.  The Mehndi artist sprinkled glitter onto the henna paste before it dried so the ladies hands were all bling-y, which is what I was seeing in the dark.

It was so pretty that I had to see if she would do one more.  It was a bit dark and the only light she had was a candle lantern but I didn’t care.  The glitter made me happy but it comes off once the paste dries.  You’re supposed to leave it all on at least 4 hours or overnight.  Once it all flakes off you’re left with the pattern.

The first day it’s orange,  (OH ANN, you would love it that first day) and of course, it tortured me so… then it turns sort of milk chocolate colored and eventually mahogany like you see here.   My pattern lasted for a week and a half.

Mehndi patterns on hands.

Mehndi patterns on hands.

It looks pretty cool.  It would be fun to have it in indigo, too.  I do like the sepia tone look though.  I know that there are sacred things attached to mehndi, too.

At the arts festival we met a potter that decorates his work with fabric patterns using the mehndi cone to apply paste so that it fires as an embossed pattern.   I got a fabulous mug from him and I have to say it’s beautifully made.  You can see his work at:  www.creativewithclay.com


2 Responses to “I’ve Been Mehndi’d”

  1. cami said

    Hey … Allie is really into doing henna. You should see her work. Next time you come out she will give you an awesome henna tattoo. We have a great henna supply store.
    Love your new blog… xo

  2. Good tattoos aren’t cheap and cheap tattoos aren’t good. ~Author Unknown

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