iPod Touch 2G, Part Two

July 6, 2009

         I love the interface of this device.  I knew it was the same as an iPhone.  My girlfriend Autumn has an iPhone that we played around with at Clay Camp.  She got an app for it called “Light Saber” and it turns the device into a Star Wars light saber: when you wing it around in your hand it makes all the light saber noises. Isn’t that hilarious?   Imagine having that at a dull meeting?  OOOH I could liven up some stuff  with that…  Well, I got the bug playing around with her iPhone.  I love that cool, Sci-Fi  like interface.  So when I got back from camp I started paying attention.  Another friend of mine, Elizabeth Sheets, (http://www.lizartseattle.com/) has had an iPod Touch 2G for awhile so I knew about that and asked her some key questions.
       I justified it with the fact that this mp3 player can do WiFi.  I can surf and email from this device when in a hotspot and it’s a snap.  Perhaps I could travel without my laptop!  That would nice and save wear and tear on my main machine, too.  I also saw that I could watch movies on it.  HEY why not?  Those flights to Philadelphia are long and nobody seems to show inflight movies anymore (unless you can afford Business class).   I could watch a movie on a 3.5 inch screen on a long flight if it would help me to forget that I’m crammed into a plane.  I can certainly listen to audio books or music using my noise cancelling headphones so why not a movie?

      One of the best things about it is that it actually took both my calendars: my personal calendar and the one I maintain for the art center and it automatically color coded them.  My friend Ann will *love* to know that it coded my calendar with ORANGE (remember she tortures me with orange?) so that’s amusing.  May she be tickled PINK (she hates pink!). LOL!   Now when someone calls me and asks about a date for a booking, I can have the calendar without my laptop, a major improvement!  Even my smart phone wouldn’t take both calendars (very frustrating to me).  How smart is that? NOT.

   I have an app for it that will stream Pandora Radio, my all time favorite music source online for listening to and finding new musicians and tunes.  If you don’t know about Pandora check it out: www.pandora.com   It’s wonderful!

  2nd day (July 1) – I had a problem with the iPod freezing for some reason.  So I took it to the Apple Store and in about 5 minutes I was leaving the store with it fixed, no charge, no trouble, and everything working.  SWEEEET!  That right there sells me on product: GOOD support.  Not pretend support i.e. “you gotta pay us to support our product support”.   Real customer service  makes for loyal customers and it makes sense to me why I might be paying more for your product then, too.  Don’t nickle and dime me to death when I’ve already bought your merchandise!  This goes for you too, airlines…

  Anyway, apparently you can turn this iPod into a phone with a headset/mic  using Skype and an app called FRING.  Zowee.  It just gets better and better.


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