Happy 4th of July: KABOOM!

July 4, 2009


Fireworks in WA D.C.

Fireworks in WA D.C.

KABOOM!  That’s what it says on my calendar at home. That’s all, just KABOOM!

    It’s time for BBQ’s, sun, family, maybe some sand or whatever your annual ritual is.  Amid the ooooooh’s and aaaaahhhhhh’s I think about the beauty of those amazing sparks of fire and how many centuries it took to refine them into the displays we see today.

   Last year we were so close to the small town display that a firework shot into the crowd 3 people over from us.  Everyone was okay but it was a little too exciting.  Still, all I could do with each salvo going up was laugh.  I think I laughed my butt off.  It was feeling the percussion of the works going up before they even went off that I find funny when we’re that close. 

  We don’t have an annual ritual so never know what we’re doing but whatever it is, it will be fun just to have the day off.

   On the 4th I always think about how great it is to be here right now, in this moment. The fireworks are so elusive and short lived that watching them reminds that life is like that, too.  Strangely most of my life is about scheduling, organizing  events in advance, details for things yet to come but whenever I get to be in this minute I always have the best time.  Enjoy each  moment and have a happy 4th! KABOOM!


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