A Lesson I Learned From Dad

July 2, 2009

 My Dad has always been pretty independent, impatient and stubborn.  These traits got him into trouble from time to time with his kids, who liked to tell stories about him to the guests, because we kids didn’t forget much especially when he pulled what we called: A Dad.

  One time Dad was getting ready to go fishing.  He had a row boat that he would take to a lake to fish in.  The row boat had to be put on top of his car the night before because of course, you leave at 4 a.m. or some such time in the middle of the night to be present at the fishing spot in time for the fishes breakfast (or at least that’s my understanding of the ritual of that).  Okay, so all the gear gets packed, food prepped to take with, and so on.  Once all is said and done it’s time to put the boat on top of the car.  One of my many brothers has been enlisted to help with this fine task but somehow doesn’t quite get the directions being given in a fashion that Dad can put up with.  After much griping, Dad says in his loud, ‘I’ve had enough of you’ voice,  “I can do it myself!” at which point, the row boat smashes completely through the windshield.  Ahhh, yes! Another story for the dinner guests!

  Lesson learned: sometimes just take the help and be gracious about it.


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