Printmaking is Cool: Which is the Art?

July 1, 2009

  I can hardly believe that it’s been a year since last July 1st.  This year has sailed right by me almost faster then the year before.   To me this is the beginning of the New Year.  My New Year’s resolution is to slow down some and keep some time for me. 

   I’ve already started with a three day class this week (M-Tu-Th).  It’s an intro to printmaking!  We got to be experimental with collagraphs the first night, carve and print our own wood blocks the 2nd night and play with monotype prints the last night which will be tomorrow.  It’s surprisingly fun and I love the plate as much as I love the print which gave me an idea – which is also an idea for ArtWorks (the art center where I work).

  I’m going to create a display where the plates are the art!  I think it will be fantastic and interesting.  I want to photograph them on a lightbox and print transparencies from them, too.    I guess I’ll have to buy me a bunch of plexiglass now.  I’ll post some pix when I have them. Oh dear… another tangent is coming on!

  Okay, back to printmaking.  There is a great new book out on experimentation with printmaking by Dorit Elisha (  

  I don’t own it yet but will someday.  It looks quite good!


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