Stories We Used to Tell About My Dad

June 30, 2009

   It’s hard to simplify stories sometimes.  They can be so complicated and convoluted.  Too many details and the story is lost, too much rambling and the story is forgotten before it’s finished.  But the stories we used to tell about my Dad (in his presence) were usually pretty simple.  We always told these stories whenever we had company for dinner.  Because they were funny and not very impressive and of course, we thought they should be shared.  Here’s one:

  My Dad was a great lecturer about being observant.  We kids weren’t always very aware, apparently, at least not to his standard so when one of us did something that exposed our inattention we would all get the lecture on being observant. 

  One time Dad was giving us this lecture at the dinner table.  “You kids need to be more observant”, he said.  “If you would pay more attention these things wouldn’t happen”, he went on as he reached for the French salad dressing.  “Blah blah blah”, he intoned, as he began to shake the salad dressing.  Off pops the lid on the dressing and bloosh!  French dressing is all over Dad.   Oh how we howled.  We were laughing all over ourselves with glee.  Of course the smart aleck kid (I’m not saying which one that was) points out to Dad that wasn’t very observant of him, and again, we are falling out of our chairs.  Dad harrrumphs mightily and we laugh on, silly over this new episode of quintessential Dad, knowing we now have a NEW story to tell visitors at our table…

  To this day,  I hear how observant I am. That’s not such a bad thing for an artist.  Thanks Dad.


One Response to “Stories We Used to Tell About My Dad”

  1. I love stories of instant Karma.

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