Airport Carpets and Other Weird Things

June 28, 2009

  Well, I don’t know if anyone follows this little blog or not but if you do, you know that I wrote about my study of airport carpets.  I travel a lot to teach and so to amuse myself on the “road”, I started taking pix of carpets in airports and anywhere I happened to like the carpet.  Since I couldn’t very well take a square of carpet from wherever I was it seemed best to just take pictures. 

   It started in Seattle when I was on my way to teach at the University of New Mexico for an event called Art Universe some years ago.  A friend went with me and it made her laugh when I told her I was going to take pix of the floor.  I suppose she’s gotten used to me doing weird things like that.  We’ve traveled together before and roomed together at different events, too, so she knows just how silly I can get.

Hotel room carpet is busier then I am!

Hotel room carpet is busier then I am! Some day I will do an expose (expos-ay) on commercial carpets. What it will expose is still a mystery but I have discovered that these carpets, though functional, are busier then all get out. This carpet was in my hotel room in Miami 2008 at the Merchandise Mart Hotel there. That was a really lovely hotel but god forbid that you look at the carpet too much or you would never sleep. I spent a lot of time watching planes take off from my window in that room. It was interesting to be that close and not be able to hear anything of the planes. Was it because of the carpet?


     It’s in my nature to amuse myself.  I find a lot of ways to do this and have to say that I’m never bored.  Do I just think too much?  I want to know who gets to design these carpets?  Some of them are wild and just think, they’re long lasting and stand up to lots of traffic but who wants this carpet after 3 years? 
Orlando Airport Carpet
Orlando Airport Carpet

I really do wonder how long they last.

 Wouldn’t it be fun to come up with designs for an airport?  Or would that be one weird job?  I suppose  there is such a thing as a commercial interior designer who studies years of interior design to know which materials work best for which venues.  Then there are trends to know about too.   It would have to be in your nature to pursue this particular occupation…  I just find it interesting how many people are subjected to it and probably don’t even think about it.

3 Responses to “Airport Carpets and Other Weird Things”

  1. I imagine that the busy design is to disguise the wear and staining that might happen in places like hotel rooms, convention centers, Las Vegas, and airports. Did I forget any?
    Keeping yourself entertained is very, very good trait Mer!

  2. Andre Kellman said


    I am doing a research on carpets to be used in Airports.

    As you are aware we are most interested in carpets that can endure lots of traffic, as you did comment in your article.

    Can you suggest samples or sites where I can locate possible designs to be accommodated in an Airport.

    Your advise will be most helpful.


  3. Jenn said

    it’s not carpet, but the fish in the floor at SeaTac have always amused me.

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