Sharky Lets Go

June 27, 2009

  Okay, back to the adventures of Sharky Shark.

     After all of the rough treatment by the woodland animals, Sharky had no choice but to HOOEY the little mouse.  I think it was the electrical charge that got to him and he could only react.

Sharky HOOEYS out a mouse!

Sharky HOOEYS out a mouse!

Sharky was stunned that the woodland animals would do such a thing.  He thought he understood their nature to be mild and submissive.  But what Sharky didn’t understand is that anyone will do whatever it takes to save someone or survive if they can just think quickly enough.  Sharky doesn’t understand that because his nature is pretty simple.  It’s all about being hungry and using teeth which is just a simpler way of being.  It is his nature.  He didn’t really mean any harm by it.  He has to eat is all.  It doesn’t mean that Sharky doesn’t like the woodland animals. 
  Interestingly, the woodland animals also still like Sharky!  They understand that his nature is to use those teeth, you see.  They knew it was just a matter of time before he tried to eat one of them but he amuses them so much that they don’t run away from him.  They like to take bets on what he’ll come up with next to try and lure a meal.  They think up scenarios that Sharky might come up with because thinking like him makes them laugh.  It is their nature to be amused and isn’t that good?  Good for them and good for Sharky, too.

One Response to “Sharky Lets Go”

  1. You make laugh and it is good!!!
    You are amazing Mer. Enjoying not traveling, are you??

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