Odd Bits I Wonder About

June 26, 2009

The Little House at Sheperd University, Sheperdstown, W. Virginia

The Little House at Sheperd University, Sheperdstown, W. Virginia

 I wonder about odd little things like why did they build this little house? What was it for?  I love it and I’m glad they did.  Next time I’m at Sheperd University, I’ll go inside the Little House, if they let me.

     I’ve always been intrigued by small things.  Ask anyone that knows me: I even have a special laugh for little things.  It’s a little bit manaical, I’m told, but it makes everyone laugh.

    One of the odd bits I wonder about have to do with tea bags.  Every morning I make a cup of tea and I look at the little tab stapled to the string.  Have you ever seen that teeny tiny staple there?  I want that stapler!  OH the things I could do with a teeny tiny stapler like that.  I wonder if I should write to Lipton or another tea company and see if I could get a tour.  I just want to see the teeny stapler that does that staple. 

   There were 5 things that I woke up wondering about today and that staple was one of them.  I have a teeny stapler from a long time ago that is a tiny Swingline, I think.  It’s red.  I used to make tiny books with it when I was a kid.  I still use that stapler and it’s just a thin plastic one.  It’s lasted a long time.

  I also wonder why in the “old days” people needed tiny spoons to fill their salt shakers.  I used to love those eeny spoons when my Mom would pull out her good silver.  Who needs those spoons though?  I know I do, but just because they’re little.  When salt didn’t come in the pourable round box, how did it come?  I don’t know.

     I wondered how people could felt wool as much as fiber artists do until this last weekend.  I met a fiber artist at the Edmonds Arts Festival so I asked her.  She tells me that she felts with her feet!  That gave me renewed hope.  Maybe I can felt after all.

   I’ve often wondered about airport carpets.  How do they last the huge amount of traffic they have in the airport?  How come my carpet doesn’t last like that?  I started taking photos of airport carpets a number of trips ago because of this thought.  I also take pix of interesting hotel carpets though on the whole, they aren’t usually as fun – except in Florida.

Miami Merchant Mart Hotel, 2008

Miami Merchant Mart Hotel, 2008


One Response to “Odd Bits I Wonder About”

  1. I love your ramblings. I think I still have one of those little red staplers too.

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