Sharky Reveals His Nature

June 25, 2009

Sharky Tries a Bite

Sharky Tries a Bite

  Well, getting back to old Sharky: he couldn’t contain himself any longer (he has no self control).  He had to bite and it has gotten him into trouble.  Sharky went for a little mouse and the other animals reacted very quickly.  They put together ways to apply electric shock and fire to try and get Sharky to spit out the little mouse.  They even had sticks to help him make a better choice.

Mousey Takes Revenge

Mousey Takes Revenge

   Piggy event hit Sharky with a pan and a crystal weapon  until Sharky spit out Little Mousey.  But don’t be fooled.  Sharky’s nature is to bite and eat whatever he can.  He’s never thought about his nature or that maybe there is another way to live.  Sharky can’t really put that together very well in his head because he is just a stomach with fins. 

   So take pity on Sharky, animal friends.  He doesn’t know any better.  He’s hard wired to use all those teeth, rows upon rows of teeth.  He has a need to bite and eat all the time and he was made to be kinda scary.   He thinks that is the only way to be.

Sharky Tries to Be a Boa Constrictor
Sharky Tries to Be a Boa Constrictor



2 Responses to “Sharky Reveals His Nature”

  1. You have a truly strange mind.

  2. meredith11 said

    And I don’t let it out in public very often. =)

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