Creative Queens Like Susan Zacher

June 23, 2009

Creative Queen Puzzle Pin

Creative Queen Puzzle Pin

At the Polymer Clay and Mixed Media Retreat there were many demos.  Susan Zacher put together a make and take and brought everything that we needed to do it. She  supplied 200 puzzle pieces that she painted  with Lumiere paints in different colors (she wanted to be sure there would be enough for everyone!).  She brought stamp inks, glitter glues, charms, buttons,  vintage pictures of movie stars and sayings – everything, absolutely everything we needed to create pins or pendants or ornaments. 

  Susan patiently helped each person as they appeared at the table, showing them all of the things she brought for us  to work with.  These are the pix of the pins that I made, thanks to Susan Zacher.  This was a lot of fun!!

Puzzle Pins Meredith Made.

Puzzle Pins Meredith Made.


The pin on the left in this picture now says ‘I’ll create my life  dammit’ on it.   Marie popped out that it “needs to say dammit!  I’ll ask Meta to calligraph that for you!” and so Meta did.  It’s vampy and hilarious, a bit comic book-esque or Lichtenstein-ish.  It makes me laugh out loud and I’m so glad to have been part of this project.  Thank you Susan Zacher!  It was a pleasure and we do love you.  How could we not? Your nature is amazingly generous and fun!!    xxooo


One Response to “Creative Queens Like Susan Zacher”

  1. OMG!!! this was such a fun demo, wasn’t it?

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