The Nature of Things

June 22, 2009

Artists Meta Strick, Ann Bowers and Heidi Spicer
Artists Meta Strick, Ann Bowers and Heidi Spicer

    Don’t these pixie women look like they’re having fun???  It’s in their nature!  Notice that Meta’s and Heidi’s tee shirts are handpainted?  They each have their own work on their clothes.  This is truly wearable art, created and worn at the The Polymer Clay Collaborative and Mixed Media Retreat.  I painted one with two red cardinals on it to commemorate my first sighting of a cardinal one morning at this retreat.  Wow, what a pretty bird!

  Meta and Heidi taught the mixed media dolls workshop that I talked about before.  Both women are amazing mixed media artists.  Meta teaches art academically in Vermont and Heidi is an O.R. Surgical Nurse. They’re full of creativity and fun.  I was inspired to just be sitting near them the whole week.  Be sure to see Meta’s website ( sometime.
  Ann taught a lot of classes: PMC and paper marbling to name two.  This lady is very talented.  Her students were all extremely pleased and their results were really worth seeing.  I didn’t get to see Ann as much because she was teaching so much but she is a kick.  I love her attitude and wish I could have spent more time with her. It’s in her nature to say what she thinks and I like that a lot. It’s an honest way of being.

Marie Segal teaching tricks on polymer clay with paints, powders and inks.

Marie Segal teaching tricks on polymer clay with paints, powders and inks.

  This is my sister friend, Marie, teaching at the retreat.  I took her class on paints, powders and inks because she is the Mother of polymer clay in the United States.  I’m not kidding.  She and Howard have been working with polymer clay and selling polymer clay and supplies for decades (about 30 years).   Marie’s website ( and Howard’s clay supply ( are two places that I visit often.   I just coordinated a group order from the Clay Factory for the N.W. Polymer Clay Guild members (  Howard has it set up so that ordering things in multiples gets you a discount.  We ended up ordering over $200 worth of stuff.  Howard pays the shipping if you order over $150 worth of stuff so every member saved the $10 in shipping they would have paid for an individual order, $4 for a certain item and of course, tax.   So considering how money is for everyone these days, think about talking to your friends or whatever group you belong to before ordering any supplies.  At the very least, you can save on shipping and tax.  
  OH by the way, I was referred to a hilarious blog by Syd Wellman, one of the PCCMM Retreat organizers.  Check it out:
  I love it when someone speaks their mind like these two women.  I’m sure their names are on a list somewhere but do know that who so ever is passionate about keeping lists like that is suspect.  It may be in their nature, to be sure, but more about ones nature later.

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