The Renee Award

May 30, 2009

The Renee Award 

   Marie awarded my blog with the Renee Award some time ago and I’m finally getting around to posting about it…   

    The Renee award was created by two friends of Renee to honor her.  Renee’s blog,  is extremely worthy to read, if you get a chance.  Her most recent post is to her now adult children  made me think of how wonderful it must be to have her as a Mother.  I don’t know a lot of parents that would do this for their children this way and it really is beautiful.  

   I should tell you that Renee has stage 4 cancer so has a different perspective going on.  I understand how chronic, life threatening illness really hones down your life to only the most key, and important stuff.   I have a more normal life now and can see things from two sides of that fence.  I get how we forget the ultimately important stuff day to day when there isn’t something like this to remind us to stop sweating the small stuff or delight in the littlest things.  Still I think we should make the effort to do whatever we can to remind ourselves that this is our life, here and now, and if you don’t choose to live it how you want then how are you living it?  If not *your* choice, then whose?

  Maybe a touchstone in your pocket that you carry around every day would be a reminder to you to stop for a moment, breathe and be.   One of the questions I ask myself throughout the day is: will this really matter when I’m 87?  How about an hour from now?  It weeds things out quickly for me!

  Marie’s comment on her blog about the Renee award is lengthy but she ended it with: Welcome to the Singe Sisters Sorority at the Hellinback College of Hard Knocks.  =)

  I love you Marie and am honored.  Thank you for all the stuff we’ve traveled through together through the years.  Thank you for being my family. I can’t tell you how important that is to me and how much respect I have for you.  I will always want the best for you, whatever you deem that to be, no matter what.   xxoo


One Response to “The Renee Award”

  1. You deserve it darling! It was all my pleasure, you should give it away when you get the chance (ASAP LOL!!) to other acorns or oaks you know in blog world, it is quite an honor to receive it.

    I thought the little houses plaque was just awesome, but I do love them all and I love all of you for doing something so very sweet like that. It did remind me of a quilt. Love that.
    I will make the changes on the blog when I get Alicia’s picture, no rush. I am so glad to know that it is Cathy Gilbert.
    No rest for wicked pirates Mer!
    PCCMMRetreat was the best in spite of the wretched scourge. I am looking forward to next year. And to seeing new/old friends again. Geesh! I had fun.
    I am doing better but going on the plane with this, stuck it all in my head and I feel my brain and ears have been wrapped in cotton batting.
    ARRRRRRRRRRR!!! cough cough!

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