Polymer Clay and Meeting Up with Marie

May 30, 2009

  Well, it’s big packing time again.  I’m off to West Virginia to the Polymer Clay Collaborative and Mixed Media Retreat at Sheperdstown University on Monday.  I’m really looking forward to this event!   I don’t get to attend very many polymer clay oriented events, much less teach at them so this is a real treat.  Teaching about polymer clay is one of my most favorite things to do because I get to see the possibilities that my students discover bonk them in the head!  It’s really fun to see the dawning of potential and their excitement about it and how they apply that.  What a great job, eh?

  I’m going  to be meeting up with my very close friend, Marie Segal, in Chicago and flying into Dulles together!  How fun is that?  I so rarely get to travel WITH anyone that this will be a real treat.  We both land in Chicago at the same time so we’ll meet at the gate.  We’re on the same plane leaving Dulles next week, too.   I know splitting up in Chicago will be interesting for us after living together for the week but we’ve lived together before, many years ago at Ravensdale 1998.   That’s when I learned Howard snores and sounds like a bear.  =)
  You can see Howard in a recent picture on Marie’s blog:


  He’s the one bundled up and driving…  he’s hilarious.


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