It’s Clay Camp! WOOHOO!

May 14, 2009

Late Nighter and Early Riser cabins at Camp Huston

Late Nighter and Early Riser cabins at Camp Huston

Every year the N.W. Polymer Clay Guild hosts Clay Camp at Huston Camp and Conference Center in Gold Bar, WA the weekend after Mother’s Day.   And every year it’s like going to another place that feels like home.
Clay Camp is the first event that I ever organized so it has a special place in my heart. I have seen it grow from being housed in 1995 at Camp Long in Seattle,  moved to Camp Don Bosco in Carnation and finally to Camp Huston where it has been for many years now.
  Some real shenanigans have been known to occur at this camp through the years. There are often many photo opportunities, peep wars, laughter over odd/risque Japanese books (Kokigami anyone?),  group creations and hilarity as well as classes, free demonstrations, strange hors d’oeuvres and amazing artistic inspirations.

This year there are two classes available and everyone gets to learn about resins and try some.  Marie and Howard Segal have sent some sort of surprise for us to play with,too,  I hear.   THANK YOU, Marie and Howard!! 

    Howard and Marie own The Clay Factory in Escondido, CA (  They’re part of the family at the N.W. Polymer Clay Guild and we love it when they get to come to camp though that isn’t the case this year.   We will miss your presence, kids, but thank you for your presents. xxoo

  We get to play with polymer clay in the 24 hour community work area, make multiple field trips to the Ben Franklin in Monroe for the cool products we learned about in the demos (they give us a special group discount coupon!), be fed home baked bread and family style meals all to just generally play and most especially be silly.

  What’s not to love?  


One Response to “It’s Clay Camp! WOOHOO!”

  1. Have so much fun! We miss you all.
    Howard and Marie
    Thanks for the post!

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