Puget Sound Bead Festival, July 10-12

May 12, 2009

Etched metal disc bracelet by Meredith Arnold

Etched metal disc bracelet by Meredith Arnold

Only 3 seats left!!
Metal Etching Made Easy, July 11 from 7-10 p.m.

Puget Sound Bead Festival will be in Tacoma, WA. Here it is May and there only 3 seats left in my class to make an etched metal bracelet. I’ve taught my Metal Etching Made Easy program all over the U.S. for the last 3 years or so and this will be the first time I’ve taught this in my own home state so I’m happy that people are interested in it. I can guarantee that everyone will be wildly successful in this class and I will also provide information on Sherri and Dan Haab’s new etching process, the E3 Etching machine. Sherri is also teaching her class on the E3 process at this event.

Silk Bead necklace by Meredith Arnold, 2005

Silk Bead necklace by Meredith Arnold, 2005


Silk bead on a necklace with hand braided cord by Meredith Arnold

Silk bead on a necklace with hand braided cord by Meredith Arnold

  I’m also teaching my Silk Beads program (they’ve titled it Fantastic Fabric Beads).  It’s amazing how many people go totally nuts when I wear my silk bead necklaces and bracelets.    The best part is that in a class  everyone’s look different!   I’ve taught this program from Seattle to Miami, even Philadelphia and every set of beads that I have seen made all have a unique signature.  There isn’t a better way to experience color and pattern play then with this process because of  painting the silk and layering.  Then to top it all off with bead embroidery, sequins or simple wire wrapping makes them exquisite.

    I will be selling my silk jewelry among other things in:

June 1-6 :  Polymer Clay Collaborative Mixed Media Retreat, W. Virginia at Sheperdstown University

July 9-11:   Puget Sound Bead Festival

Aug. 20-23:   BeadFest Phildadelphia

Sept. 19-20:  Edmonds Studio Tour at Sue Robertson’s studio,  Joyful Art, Edmonds, WA

Nov. 5-8:   Bubikon, Switzerland (outside of Zurich) at the KunstHandwerker show in the Knights Hospitalier castle.

  I’m also experimenting with felting wool to make jewelry and one of a kind purses for these upcoming events.  As usual, all my pieces often combine different materials so expect the unexpected!  I have been designing a bracelet that is felted nests each holding a bead made from polymer clay.  It’s part of my bird series in a roundabout way.  I hope to have pictures soon.


One Response to “Puget Sound Bead Festival, July 10-12”

  1. Meredith,

    I love your work! I am isolated in Hawaii and can’t get to a workshop. Do you have a book on silk bead making? What kind of glue do you use? I have tried superglue and it doesn’t bond. Please look at my website, and go to the Volcano Goddess Beads section. Perhaps we might do a trade?

    Thanks for your lovely, lovely work. Aloha, Uldra

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