Definitely an Imogen Heap Day!

May 12, 2009

Sighted in Spokane, WA last Fall.

Sighted in Spokane, WA last Fall.

Is it possible to have such a great day after having a Mother’s Day with food poisoning?  YUP!
The story goes: my husband, nice man that he is, decided to take me out to dinner for Mother’s Day on Sat. night. I found out on my way home from teaching a wonderfully successful class at a college that I’ve just started with. How nice to not have to think about dishes, I thought…
By the time I get home and we get situated it is 6 p.m. and wouldn’t you know that our favorite Chinese place is stacked out the door with people waiting. Bummer. So we opted to try the Tofu House around the corner. Usually it was chock full of people but not that night.
We ordered some stuff we had never heard of but thought we would try. One was a mix of stuff on rice (carrots, sprouts, mushrooms, etc.) and it was pretty good. We each ended up with a small, whole fish – looking at us, no less. UGH. It wasn’t so okay but I was hungry, (I covered the eyes of mine with a clam shell). The tofu soup was almost solid tofu with a clam and a shrimp in it. It was good. Then I noticed it had beef in it. Beef doesn’t like me at all. That was the first sign of trouble.
     Long story short: I spent Mother’s Day close to home instead of going up to Whidbey Island for a family dinner. Very disappointing. I haven’t really seen any of my family much since Thanksgiving. We usually only get together 3 times a year. Our next usual meet up would be in the park on Whidbey for Father’s Day. I’ve been able to make that once (last year) because I’m always teaching on weekends.
     So here it is today. I got up and I’m feeling better. In my email is a message that someone loves my work and thinks I should write a book about art dolls. That was such a nice way to start the day! All day this kept popping up in my mind, formulating what would be in such a book, the techniques and information. So I’m game! I’m initiating the process of proposing just such a book now despite the fact that I’m one of a group producing a book for the Tucson show next year.
     Heck, why not? Many years ago now, we were at a local little lake with our daughter having a picnic. A man was walking by wearing shoes about three sizes too big for him, pants way too short and a cache pot on his head. Some teenagers nearby yelled at him “HEY! Mister, how come you have a flower pot on your head?” and he stopped for a moment and said: “How come you don’t?”
So  today I worked in my office at ArtWorks ( and happily played Imogen Heap, thinking “How come you don’t?”.


4 Responses to “Definitely an Imogen Heap Day!”

  1. Happy Mother’s day beautiful woman. I am so sorry about the food poisoning, but I loved the story. And what about that sign? That is the best.
    Congrats on the book request.
    Have a great rest of the day,

  2. meredith11 said

    Hey Marie,

    I told my D.H. that his gift made for quite a memorable day… LOL!
    I hope this post made you laugh. I can’t wait to see you. It’s coming so fast! I have Clay Camp this weekend and am out of town the following weekend so am hoping I can be all ready for W. Virginia. I can’t wait to get to Chicago because I know I’ll be seeing you there! xxxoooo

  3. Kiss the DH for me.
    Yes I laughed, that is why I loved it. That is what I am looking forward to about seeing you again. I love laughing and you make laugh. I am looking forward to having fun. Laughing brings me close to my center and I can always use some of that.
    It is coming too fast though, I am not ready and there is so much to de before I go, but I always get er done.
    Have so much fun at camp, hug everyone for me. I sent presents.
    Talk to you soon my friend, I can not wait but I need the time. Life is so bipolar sometimes.

  4. cassymuronaka said

    Love the Dutch’s “surly staff” sign, Meredith.

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