New Organizing the Studio Ideas

March 26, 2009

 Storing rubber stamps and stamp pads can be a challenge.  I always want to see what I have and be able to grab it when I want.  I want it to be easy to put things back so that I will (HA!), too.  So here are some ideas for you:

Rubber Stamp Ink Pads:   Store stamp pads in boxes made for cassette tapes.  The slots are the right size and you can find the old wooden boxes at the thrift store inexpensively.

I recently heard about storing the ink pads upside down so that the ink doesn’t settle to the bottom.

Also another thought is to store the pads by color (not all blues are the same, etc.)  or manufacturer – depending on what works best for you. 

Rubber Stamps, unmounted: 

1.  Store unmounted stamps in CD jewel cases so you can categorize them easily.  Then it’s a simple matter of storing the CD cases in a CD rack.  I put in paper inserts so that the spine tells me what category is inside.  This saves a lot of drawer space!

2.  Another method is to apply Aleene’s Tak-it to the back of each unmounted stamp and let it dry.  Stick the stamps onto page protectors or heavy plastic pages that can then be stored in notebooks  on a shelf, sorted by category.  How handy is that?


One Response to “New Organizing the Studio Ideas”

  1. Meredith I always love reading your blog and enjoy your generous nature. Thank you so much for sharing your world and opinion.
    I have given you an Proximidade Award and you can come get it on my blog!!
    Thanks again for everything,

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