Fabulous Artistic Inspirations!

November 16, 2008

 Wow, what a week and I still have another to go in my crazy 12 or more solid days of

New etched metal and polymer clay pendantEtched metal and polymer clay pendant

working.  Thank goodness it’s all about ART or I would be a raving looney (I’m not already am I?).  In these flurries of intense work times when I am mentoring others more than in my studio making my own stuff I have to sleuth out quick shots of inspiration to re-tool my own spirit, keep me going “to the other side” so that I am not diminished in my passion to help others find their path and their voice.  This helps me to get to my studio time still awake and eager to get to that work instead of fried, crispy and burnt toast-like.  Here are some of the places and things that help me retain my energy and strength to do and do and do:

www.workshopontheweb.com – Online newsletter that offers quite a few free taster articles on mixed media exploits! Just looking at the pix is inspiration and perhaps I’ll have time to try out the techniques, too.

www.silverwave.com – Native American, New Wave and more music. Free mp3 samples to listen to. Some of this music is haunting.

www.allartsupplies.com – probably the best priced supplies around in many respects.  Tons of different categories, mediums, etc. that I love to look at and think about when I have a moment.  This inspires me to focus on what I want to do when I get the chance.

  I love resources and being able to find a thing or learn a thing.  I hope these places inspire you to go forth and create!


3 Responses to “Fabulous Artistic Inspirations!”

  1. Binky said

    LOVE that necklace.
    You had it on Friday.

  2. marie said

    I with Binky Mer, that necklace is awesome!!!
    And thank you for taking care of yourself, I always benefit from that!! Thank you so much for sharing yourself and your mentoring.
    Love ya,

  3. meredith11 said

    Thanks to you both! Be looking for that puppy in the Dec. Jewelry Artist magazine, next issue! =)

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