Welcome to Your Life

October 31, 2008

  I was thinking today about how I have given away most of my life in various ways and I have less of it left than what’s behind me now probably. 
    First and foremost, I was a caregiver for 22 yrs.  and because of that situation and the absenteeism it created in my jobs, I was always trying to make sure that I was a valuable employee despite this drawback.  I can’t tell you how many times, after averaging 55+ hr. weeks, I was told to choose between my job, my child or do better – as if I could suddenly wave a magic wand and make my daughter be well, (if only that had been true) or as if I would choose a stupid job over my child.  What a position to be put in every employee review…it was cruel, to say the least, but I bit my tongue.
   Once my days as a caregiver were over I volunteered for a non-profit like crazy. People started expecting me to give my life away like it was theirs to decide what to do with. I didn’t notice for a long time that this was happening. Of course I was looking to fill my time differently, not really knowing what to do with myself because I had been a caregiver since I was 20 yrs. old.  Once I realized the situation for what it was, I bit my tongue.

   My life changed again when I finally realized that this life is mine. Yup. All mine. Mine to waste, use, explore, discover, live, or dance away as I see fit and I can no longer bite my tongue.

  It isn’t often that I find others as present in their lives but when I do, I notice them. I always learn from them and find great value in their being or their passion for whatever their passion is applied to. That liveliness is worthy to witness.
If you haven’t seen “The Last Lecture” by Randy Pausch, then you are really missing one of those things that will move your being into another place worth being. Go to YouTube and search for “The Last Lecture”. It’s a long video but worth every darn second if you want to enrich your soul. Usually enriching your soul takes a trial by fire like near death or loss of a truly loved one, etc. This one takes about 45 min. and unless your heart is dead, you can’t fail to gain from it.
     Another great thing to check out is the 29 Gifts Challenge at http://www.29gifts.org. Leap and the net will appear! It’s a “pay it forward” kind of thing and really cool. It’s a real opportunity to get into a giving mind. I have on the desktop of my computer an electronic sticky note that says: Give without asking and attract everything you need.

A new measuring stick: WWRPD? (What Would Randy Pausch Do?)


One Response to “Welcome to Your Life”

  1. Binky said

    I’ve watched Randy’s lecture at least three times. Everytime is as powerful as the time before. It’s a great reminder of what is important in this world.
    I’d say it’s a nbrilliant measuring stick you’ll be using.

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