Marketing Advice for Artist’s

September 6, 2008

  I just read a great statement today that tells it all about marketing:

   If people always hear FROM you instead of ABOUT you, then you’re doing something wrong.

  That’s it in a nutshell.  People tend to accept truth from testimonials about something or someone than constantly hearing from that someone or something (business, service, etc.).  This is a good thing to keep in mind if you’re using a marketing tool such as Constant Contact ( or other e-letter type service.  There can be too much of a good thing!

  A good way to use this type of marketing tool is to inform your mailing list of special events, openings, or offerings on a quarterly or bi-monthly basis.  Recently I’ve seen artists sending these things out every week and it’s all just clutter at some point. When I hit the clutter level, I usually just delete rather than read because I don’t have time to read that level of volume about someone else.  I also know that I am no different than anyone else on that point.

  The key is to be respectful of everyone’s time:  People are not on your mailing list because they want to be harrassed or have their time used wastefully.  They have indicated that they do want to be informed about what you’re doing.  Keep in mind that harrassing your audience will make you lose that audience.  Not only that, but they will talk to others in a negative way and your audience loss will multiply!

  Also, it’s good to understand how to deal with images when you send out e-letters like this. If the graphics are large than the download can just about halt some computers. This is considered another way to disrespect your audience.  Learn how to change the size of pictures to a manageable downloading size, something like 600k or less is usually good.

  Respect your audience and they will talk ABOUT you which is always better than you talking about yourself.


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