Mp3 Player Update

July 31, 2008

 Just a quick update to let you know how I like my Creative Zen V mp3 player.  What a GREAT player! Here’s how I use it:

1. Being able to have my calendar and schedule with me in such a small, multi-use device is extremely convenient. I can answer scheduling questions on the spot without having to carry heavy, single use devices as well as my mp3 player.  VERY important when one works for 7 employers (HEY I’m an artist! I’m incredibly lucky to be employed doing my own thing in the arts!).

2.  I can carry pix in this device.  Nice to have when people ask me “what kind of art do you do?”. 
How cool is that?  And the quality is great though small.

Precious metal clay branch on polymer clay pin

Precious metal clay branch on polymer clay pin

3.  I have the Oprah with Eckhart Tolle class on it – the actual VIDEO! I can watch and listen. Since that isn’t a big action film or something, this is the perfect use for video, other than maybe a music vid.

4.  I have audio books loaded into it so when in a waiting room or hanging a new exhibit, I can actually listen to a book, too.  OR music, of course!

5. Speaking of which, it came with a patch cord/splitter to hook it up to a stereo with a line for each speaker.  So I load it up, plug the patch cord into it and it plays in my studio while I’m working. I don’t have to get up to change the CD and the sound quality is excellent!

  This device is easy to navigate, the bookmarks function for audio books is fabulous. I can switch around to do different things, like watch a vid, and then go back to my place in an audio book.  In fact, the device rewinds a touch so that you can get your bearings before launching into new territory in the story.  Thoughtful design note there!


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