Hopeless Brushes? Cleaning Tips!

July 27, 2008

  In this time of wishing to save money, be green and all that, I started researching ways to clean old brushes that I thought couldn’t be saved.  Brushes are so expensive and I use them like crazy to paint, glue and so on.  I figured if I found good stuff I could share it and I did so am!

  Dried glue or paint in brushes – Two options:
1.  Soak in Murphy’s Oil Soap for about a week
2.  Purchase Sax Arts and Crafts Brush Conditioner (clear, non-toxic)

  It’s reported that either of these methods will remove acrylic, tempera or oil paints and dried glue! Note that Goo Gone doesn’t work for any of these but will ruin the brushes for good.

I hope this helps keep those precious dollars in your pocket so you can buy more stuff to make art with! =)


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