The Stillness Experiment

July 1, 2008

  I have been interested in training to be a Life Coach for awhile but it takes more money than this artist has at this time. I think the training would be beneficial since one of  my priority focus areas is as a mentor to other artists.  Also I’m sure I would benefit from it personally as well (how could I not?). So that in mind, I have been getting Stacy Mayo’s e-letter periodically for awhile. She’s a Life Coach and has a website, etc.  I usually don’t like to sign up for things for email because suddenly they’re emailing you nine times a day – but Stacy Mayo has always been respectful on that point.

  Anyway, she started the Stillness Experiment, an outgrowth from Eckhart Tolle’s ‘New Earth’ book that everybody is talking about.  (   She includes mp3 files for two meditations on the instruction page so I downloaded that to my player (the new one!) and tried the experiment.  Today is the 30 day mark which surprises me. 

  The basic premise is to take a minute or 7 to be still and meditate. It doesn’t have to be long – just one minute.  I have been able to do the longer meditation when I wake up and before going to sleep, then once in awhile catch a short minute during the day here and there and even with that little bit of capturing stillness more regularly there has been a difference in my frame of mind.   My favorite part has been when I first close my eyes I see all oranges and reds swirling around. Then as I relax everything changes to cobalt blues and finally to cool, calm purple and that’s the best.  Must be the artist in me that makes me see colors every time but it all translates into a calmer, more centered day.   Apparently this is a piece of the puzzle to maintain despite frenzied business and deadline after deadline.  It really works!


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