Studio Re-organization, Part 2

June 13, 2008

    This is the new bank of drawers we put into my studio in place of a deep drawered dresser that was there.  I know it looks like a huge mess but that’s what re-organization looks like.  Not to mention, it’s pretty close to what the studio has been looking like for months now which prompted this re-organizing thing in the first place.

  A couple of things to keep in mind when going through this process is that for us visual, creative types out of sight means out of mind.  These drawers are just see-thru enough that it helps me to know what’s in them.  I have labels on the left side of each drawer but they don’t list everything in a drawer so the visual cue is just enough to flesh out the contents on the fly.

This picture is of trying out a configuration that I didn’t like very well.  It was visually confusing.  In the past, I’ve had Japanese Noren (door curtains) hang over this shelving unit so I wouldn’t have to look at the jumble of stuff in there.  That has worked for years but now it’s time for a change.  So Ken helped me last night put it together in a much more pleasing way – after all these years of subjecting him to all of those home dec shows on HGTV and stuff, he says “I wasn’t just watching those with you and drooling you know.”  =)  The next picture is the result of his fine sense and the aesthetic he has developed!

  Here you can really see how it came together. I have a weird passion for containers of certain types. Small luggage pieces, light train case repros, vintage boxes, antique boxes – that sort of thing.  Ken pulled them all together and arranged them for a nice visual.  Each one holds something specific: soldering kit, collage mediums like tea varnish, gold glaze, etc. and so on.  So each is very useful and pleasing to look at considering what all of these things look like sitting on a shelf un-contained. This works so much better and I can get all of the relative items by grabbing the one box and it’s already packed to take with me!  So it’s stored, portable and ready to travel. You gotta love that for efficiency.

  I re-hung my Hello Kitty Noren down below because it makes me laugh. Behind it are more drawers, of course. Sterlite makes stackable ones that are really deep. They’re stacked in twos across that shelf and hold bookbinding supplies, sales stuff, class samples, and even a ton of cookie cutters.  I still have more to do but a large part of this whole process is done.  Next post I’ll list what I’ve learned are good ways to organize a studio space. I’ve read a lot of books and of course, work with a lot of artists so have been able to distill some good pointers to share.  Have a great weekend!


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