About Reorganizing the Studio

June 11, 2008

  With things calming down to a dull roar and creating a small break from teaching, I’ve been able to turn to revamping the studio.  After all the travel teaching I’ve done and classes back here at home everything was everywhere…literally.  I have propane tanks in the dining room, an oven on the living room floor and more ridiculous decorating ideas (NOT!) going on here.  So it’s time to try and put it all back, right?  Oh what a laugh that causes me.

  Nope that wouldn’t do it at this point. What a mess I’ve made after almost two months on the road and then coming home and beginning classes again two days later. Okay so what to do? Rip the studio up of course! It was already pretty ripped up anyway so why not?   I’ve had these drawer units since January that I just haven’t had time to deal with. You know the drawer towers that have translucent drawers in them? I have about 5 of them here in all.

  Getting creative with storage resulted in taking a dresser out of the studio and putting most of those drawers in it’s place. The dresser ended up in the closet just outside of the studio so I still have that storage, too. Now I’m putting everything back into new places, labeling the drawers, etc.  The big goal is to get everything off the floor! I’ll post some pix of this process shortly.  I’ve figured out a lot about studio storage over the years and will share that, too.

See you next post!


2 Responses to “About Reorganizing the Studio”

  1. Binky said

    Do share please.

    Some nut went in and threw stuff everywhere in my studio. She must have been doing some collage work late at night because there is not one bare horizontal surface.

    It’s high time she learned to organize.

  2. meredith11 said

    Hmmm, some nut, eh? Wait till you see the pix I took last night of what I had done in the studio so far and the pix of what happened today. It looks like I’m going backwards! As you say: not one horizontal surface is bare…

    I’m spending at least 9 hrs. a day fitting this together. I’ll be so glad when this is done.

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