MP3 Players and Audio Books

May 30, 2008

  It seems that just about everyone has at least one or three of these things floating around in their world somewhere. Mp3 players are such handy devices for creating the environment that you want or need instead of being subject to what is around you.  Like riding on a bus for instance. It’s more enjoyable to be listening to your own taste in music or a podcast than staring at people’s shoes and listening to their every day conversations while on their cell phones, right?

  Okay, so I’ve had an Mp3 player that I hardly used for the first year of ownership. I hate those ear buds. They don’t fit me at all (is this just me?).   

  My biggest wish was to listen to audio books. I found that our county library system has many audio books online for download and I could listen to them in the car, working in the studio or when I’m traveling and too tired to see to read.  I thought it would be a snap but apparently everything, absolutely everything is geared towards music and podcasts.  However I have finally sussed it all out.   For today, that is.  

  If you’re interested in listening to audio books from the library then any mp3 player will do since those audio books are mp3 files.  Subscription files are where the tricky part comes in. Those protected files only play on some players!  Audible files are AA format (a WMA DRM or protected format), for example. Not all players have the ability to play that format so really check into a player to see if it will play subscription service files like Napster or Audible.

     I’ve found that the Creative Zen V Plus is a small, light, model that bookmarks with a nav to Creative Zen V Plusbookmark feature, includes a clock with alarm/snooze, syncs to Outlook, does data storage, has a line-in so you can record CD’s directly to it, shows video and .jpgs, and plays files of all types (protected and unprotected) so works with Napster, Audible, library systems, etc.  It comes in 2- 16 GB models and weighs only 1.5 oz.  because it’s a flash drive.

  Have you figured out what I’m thinking about getting?  



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