Artful Links for You

May 13, 2008

So I took a day off and fiddled around. Here are some great things I’ve found online:  – really great mix of stuff. Inspiring and energetic! –
a tutorial on making plain old felt look like leather, the RSS feed contains other great stuff like yarn bombing, experiments with Golden Products new digital mediums and more. – a website that has free printable papers like music score sheets, ledger, lined, graph, penmanship papers and a ton more. It’s quick and easy since all the files are in .pdf format. Think backgrounds, collage, book pages… – a configurable, printable template for little books folded from one 8.5″ x 11″ piece of paper. Choices include diary, checkbook balance, date book organizer, or blank sheets, etc.  Just the folding template is cool! – you can see this film online. It’s a documentary made of Jimmy Mirikatani, a Japanese American artist that was born in Sacramento, CA, grew up in Hiroshima and was sent to Tule Lake internment camp in his early 20’s.  This is an amazing film – not to be missed.  The delicate treatment of his bitterness and resolution of that bitterness is humbling and beautifully done. His art is worth seeing, too!  Really a gem.

 I hope you enjoy these links and find some expansion of your personal artistic world in them!


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