New Jewelry and the Theme for Spring is Peace

February 14, 2008

 Leaf Ring, made of fine silver        

   I have been busy working on an article for Jewelry Artist magazine.  It’s created a renewed interest for me in my work, too. I can feel new directions coming up that I’m getting really excited about! That’s all I can tell you for now so look for my upcoming article soon.polymer clay, metal, silk, paper clay, paper


  Polymer Clay EarringsLook for the new gallery section on my website at 

   I still have some work to do on this because I want to continue to show my student’s work but the bulk of it is done.

     Also updated my store on Cafe Press for Spring: 


     My theme for Spring is Peace, (I want to shout this which is a little ironic. I just want it so badly).  On that note, expect to see images meant to evoke peace in your environment or evoke some thoughtful meditation applied to some useful items for your every day life. I have bought more stuff from my own store than anyone has. I love Cafe Press.

   I taught at the BizArt Conference recently. What a great event! It’s a conference designed to help artists on a variety of really relevant subjects.  

    The lunch time discussion panel included a writer, performing artist, puppet master, and mixed media artist. I was the mixed media artist.   I really enjoyed this session, but then you give me a microphone and I’m going to have fun with it. The comedian in me certainly became part of that scenario. It just feels good to make people laugh and I love the energy it creates around me.  I hope others enjoy it, too.

Etched Copper Beads

   I’m posting some of the questions and  answers that were asked at the discussion panel  here because I think they’re ones we’ve all asked at some point or are still asking: 

1. How do you find the time to do your work?

  Answers:  Use the bits of time you have between things when you can: a spare 10 min. here or there, whatever fits into the slot.  It’s amazing how much gets done when you have to work this way. 

     Also carve out a specific time for yourself for the purpose of doing your work. Some people designate 3 hrs. each morning, or a day of the week. Whatever works is fine, just do it.  If Friday morning is always your “Studio Morning” work everything around that. This time is for that purpose only. Don’t allow anything to interrupt it short of an emergency and you’ll find that this time becomes yours as others begin to accept it and you take it seriously enough to make that committment. 

  And there is that big word: committment.  Another post on that one, soon!


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