Happy New Year and Courage

December 31, 2007


   We’ve been “mucking out the stall” for the last few weeks now for a party with our relatives. I can’t remember the last time we had people over officially and things have piled up around us for quite some time now.   I don’t think I’ve seen so much floor in this house since a few years after we moved in over 20 years ago – what a great way to start a New Year.  It’s like having a whole new house!

  The clearer view of our abode got me thinking today about courage.  It takes courage just to say you’re an artist much less be one.  It takes courage to do what you want with your work and show it, too.  But when thinking about courage, I was struck by a thought about how it takes more courage to say ‘no’ when those around you are telling you ‘yes’ than it does to say ‘yes’ when others are telling you ‘no’. Does that make sense?   It seems so much easier to always say ‘yes’.

  Anyway, I say yes to the New Year in a couple of ways: yes to all of the possibilities the new year holds, yes to showing you care and ultimately a big YES to owning your life, taking it and running with it as much as you can.

  Make the most of it all and see you next year!


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