Holidays and Adventures

December 27, 2007


   It started on the evening of Thanksgiving when leaving my brother’s house.  We all went outside to bid goodbye and there was my car all decked out on the inside with Christmas lights! Everyone laughed and no one was more surprised than I was.

  Every year before Thanksgiving I over enthusiastically point out all of the Christmas lights I see to my husband. He plays strict with me and admonishes, “But what about Thanksgiving? You have to wait”.  But this year he said that I had been very, very good…so he made sure I would have Christmas lights (in the car) on Thanksgiving night.   We drove to the ferry dock with the lights on. People flashed their high beams at us, the ferry worker in the ticket booth smiled and laughed, and when driving onto the ferry the other workers gave us the thumbs up. What a kick and it was only fitting that the car we have named “The Queen” would be decorated for the holidays.

  Last week I visited my friend, Lynne Kelly, at her cabin up towards the pass. There was snow on the ground and it was snow and rain mixed but cold enough so that the snow on the ground wasn’t melting. The woods were really pretty anyway. We spent the day yakking, eating a great snow day type lunch (grilled cheese sandwich and tomato soup!), and making Christmas presents. Lynne is very authentic and creative. It was nice to spend a day in her space. I drove home after dark and pretty much sang Christmas songs all the way home.

  We went to my folks on that same island on Christmas Eve and stayed overnight.  In the morning the birds were feeding like crazy outside because it was cold and snowing. Very unusual to have snow by the salt water like that. And the birds always tell you what the weather will be like. We watched Juncos, Chickadees, Flicker and Downy woodpeckers eat at the feeders on the deck. Down in the yard there was an entire covey of quail eating seed that fell down there! That was really cool – they’re so cute with their bobbing head feathers.
When we were leaving last night we got to hear two great horned owls having a conversation in the night woods. It was awesome.  If you have never heard large owls like this then you have missed out on something really special. What a gift.

On the way to the ferry I caught sight of a deer on the side of the road. Once home, we found snow on our cars and in the yards. It turned out to be one of five times in a hundred years that there was snow on Christmas day in Seattle and we pretty much missed it. Still and all, we got to experience other gifts.  What treasure.


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