Art and Summer

July 24, 2007

Fairy Girl Pin  At last summer is back in Seattle. It was like November this last week and the weather has been generally very UNsummery. Now the birds are back and the sun is out. This is what makes our part of the world bearable the rest of the year.

  Too much inspiration is crowding the old brain pan! Isn’t that always the way it is when you don’t have a minute to actually pursue the zillion ideas? Then when the time comes that I can actually get to making something I pull a blank because I just can’t decide what I should begin or I just can’t remember what all I was wanting to do. So typical.

  This time I was in the middle of watching “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix” with 3D parts when I was struck by this awesome idea for a line of jewelry. I wanted to run out of the IMAX theater and go home and start work right away but I’m sure that the people I was with would have thought I had gone totally bonkers, not to mention my husband and leaving him without a way home!

  I know from past experience that this sort of inspiration must be acted on or it gets lost. At least I could make some notes while in the theater because the next two days were pretty booked up with work, etc.  So tomorrow is the day I actually get to start work on this series of jewelry. I’m very excited about it. I haven’t felt this way about making jewelry for awhile so this is a gift.  It probably is related to my recent committment to metal working and jewelry making in general: I bought a flex shaft, (at last).  

  Today I was teaching metal etching to pewter smith Bruce Gaber.  Now I’m intrigued with pewter. I’m going to get some and see what I think about working with it. Like always, I seem to learn as much as my students in a class. This is one of the many gifts I get from teaching.


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