True Life

June 28, 2007

adirondackchairsummer.jpg   My ‘Precious Thoughts’ project is starting to take form. It’s something about how emotionally tied people get over what they believe. How beliefs can be more important than life – important enough to kill over. It’s about how many different belief systems there are, their symbology and the similiarities of  culture in these belief systems.

  This is probably my personal response to conflict and war. While I really understand the law of contrast (to have one you must have the other) it seems that the strife and cost of war is too extreme, killing for thoughts to impose specific modes of governance upon people makes evil all the same no matter what name it goes by this time.  I just wonder why people can’t agree to disagree: it’s so much more respectful and it saves lives. But then I, too, am tied to my beliefs…

  There are so many stories to tell, so many stories to share.


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